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It’s time for an update…. so many things have changed since that sassy redhead down below…

My Teen is an adult, with a grown-up profession. My Tween is a teen and doing very well. And after breast cancer, moving around the country for a year and settled somewhere so cold, I’ve finally realized, Sunshine and warmth are what I need and I am in Florida to enjoy the 360 days of sun.  I am working on creating a content for clients and still love taking on new special projects as a consultant.  I am looking for clients to help build their online community and create a link between their online and offline with digital marketing.

Things are settling and moving, so much fun! I am still open for that chat, I still believe the online must mesh with the offline and look for those people or companies that I can help with that.

Magic Kingdon

Ohhh, did I mention that I am now really close to Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney World!! #DisneyObsessed



Organized chaos and the reality is…

The reality is I needed a new bio!! I am still the single parent raising a Teen and now a Tween.  I still don’t separate my business from the personal!!  I am a community manager at Sensei Marketing and at any given time I take on new and exciting projects.  Like most people, I have a hard time looking in the proverbial mirror and being articulate enough to see what I do and who I am with any clarity. This year is about owning my space, being who I am and showing the world what I can accomplish!! I can tell you that 9 out of 10 days there are dirty dishes in my sink, that I am probably working on my second pot of coffee and 7th grade algebra still perplexes me.  More then likely, if we are chatting on Twitter or Facebook, I’ve offered up my skype or my phone number for a chat or I have made plans to meet you.  I like to heavily mesh my online with my offline, that I believe is really the best of both worlds.

Since, I know that I lack the inner vision needed to provide some semblance of knowing who I am, I asked my bested bud, Nick, to write me a bio.  He did. I was completely and totally blown away, had no idea that this is what he saw!! So, I am flattered and honoured by his thoughts and quite happy to share with you what he knows about me and sees.

Brandie is a connector, a communicator, and a social media strategist. As Community Manager for Sensei she has helped open the accessibility and personality of the brand. Beyond her role at Sensei, Brandie takes consulting engagement to turn your dreams into reality, to turn thoughts into connections and ultimately into action. You’ll never see or know how it happened, but Brandie gets things done and connects you to the right people. And that’s the magic.

And in case you haven’t noticed, I decided to go from


To this….



I’m bringing my Sassy for 2012 and goin to rock the year!!! Hope you come along for the ride!!

The ride has taken a whole new twist and turn, this year, I am able to explore and grow something I am soo very passionate about with someone that I greatly admire and respect!!  Having lived the emergence of “Community Management” in the growing sphere of Social Business, partnering with Tim McDonald was just a perfect storm – a chance for me to grow my role and give back all at the same time.   Together, Tim & I have created and begun co-producing #cmgrUN, the Community Manager Unconference and subsequently creating a space for learning and growth for those that want to be or already are community managers.  Check it out, join us and add your thoughts.

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  1. Well, LittleWys, your site is charming!

    I feel for you on the Asperger’s. I’ve known a lot of parents struggling with that, and I know how tough it can be. I marvel at how you guys just keep on marching.

    Moms amaze me.

    And your teen-aged Jock! Well, that too can be—challenging!

    I’ll be watching your blog for updates. See you at the #tweetdiner.

  2. girl. I feel as though we may be kindred spirits. My oldest is NLD, borderline ODD, ADHD combined and no socialization skills whatsoever. I have no idea what I want to do when I grow up…I cannot wait to meet you. Together we could rule the world. 🙂

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