YES… You Can Rely on Me

Style: "70's look"

Tweet  I am doing something today, that I don’t normally do…. I am writing this post!! Ok, yea, it’s been awhile… seriously! However, this post is different, in that it’s sponsored. Yes, you read that right and while it’s something I rarely do, I do occasionally do!! As you know, this doesn’t change a thing… […]

A Love Affair, It’s All in the Secret Sauce

Tweet Soo, yesterday was an Anniversary of sorts for me.  More specifically my #Bomberversary!! What you don’t celebrate the day you found an amazing place to grab a burger? This is only partially about the amazing burgers & fries and OMG, CHEESE CURDS!!! I found AJ Bombers a few years ago, when friends of mine […]

Not Quite How I was Planning My Next Tattoo and #BewbLuv Moves Forward

Tweet Soo, a few weeks ago, I headed back to NY… technically I was there for Social Media week and #cmgrUN! And they were awesome! I will be writing about #cmgrUN over on My Community Manager! The trip to NY also, included my check up appointment for my bewbs! Deep Breath I procrastinated making my […]

Clients, Apps and a New Town…Crazy Week Ahead!!

Tweet I’m in Austin.  Yea, that’s Austin, Texas.  I know, I know, what in the world? Well, I have an amazing friend and he offered me a place to crash and next week, Austin will be once again hosting the biggest interactive conference of the year.  So, it would seem fortuitous that I happen to […]