Not Quite How I was Planning My Next Tattoo and #BewbLuv Moves Forward

Tweet Soo, a few weeks ago, I headed back to NY… technically I was there for Social Media week and #cmgrUN! And they were awesome! I will be writing about #cmgrUN over on My Community Manager! The trip to NY also, included my check up appointment for my bewbs! Deep Breath I procrastinated making my […]

To My Community, My Friends

Tweet I’ve started and stopped this particular post several times, changed the words and nothing I’ve said has seemed to be enough and perhaps it won’t ever be, for the only words I have are THANK YOU!! Since, I shared my breast cancer with you, I’ve been met with nothing but support, strangers that are […]

Gratitude, Cookies and #BewbLuv

Tweet I do not have the words adequate enough to express my thanks and my gratitude for the amazing support and friendships y’all have shown me since my little announcement.  Trust me, I have checked both my thesauruses and neither wielded the words sufficient enough! So, please accept my simple Thank You!! and, I received….. […]