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In case you have forgotten, I am an avid reader. I love books. All books and reading to improve business is important. The holidays for me, mean more hours to…

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In case you have forgotten, I am an avid reader. I love books. All books and reading to improve business is important. The holidays for me, mean more hours to read. In between games, cooking and a post-turkey walk, I can stay up late reading, I can read while waiting for to baste the turkey for the millionth time. Anyway, you get my meaning. I thought this year, I would share with you what I’ll be reading next week and maybe y’all will share with me what you are reading…. I love adding to my never-ending list.

business books

For some reason, I am a hard-copy, must have it in my hands kind of girl for reading business books. I have a kindle and kindle unlimited. For business, tho, I want them in my hot little hands. I am working on increasing my content writing business and strategy, so I am taking this time to focus on that. Improving my content writing and being more creative.

Here are the 5 books I am going to be reading!

Everybody Writes by Ann Handley. I’ve read this before, but it’s so exceptional and insightful that I am reading it again. If you haven’t read Content Rules, read that, too.

Killing Marketing* by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose. I saw Joe speak last month and OMG, LOVE. He changed my whole perspective. I recommend all their books. Yes, I have read them all.

Blog 2 Book by Cathy Fyock. This is repurposing content. I am a big fan of using content over again, people absorb information all sorts of ways, and I’d like to be better at this. The back says this is a guide to create your own book.

Born Standing Up by Steve Martin. I have loved Steve Martin for years as a superb comedian and actor. I found out a few years ago; he’s an author. Squeee!! This is more of a biography than fiction.

Good Enough Now by Jessica Pettitt. I met Jess last year, and this book is her gift to the world. She is funny and passionate and heartfelt. She wants you to help you be the best version of yourself you can be.

I’ve included links to Amazon to all the books. They aren’t affiliate links and I don’t get anything. I just think you should read these books. I’ve linked to everyone’s Twitter so you can connect. You must connect. In addition to being brilliant authors, all of these people are smart, generous and lovely people!! #FanGirl

Did you think I would have all writing books? Nah, to fire my creativity and recharge I read a variety of topics and books. I might even head down to the library and check out the selection there!

What are you reading now and what do you recommend?

* I am waiting for Killing Marketing to arrive, I don’t have it yet.

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All Things Social Media with Scofield Wed, 08 Nov 2017 14:01:28 +0000

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A few weeks ago, a friend reached out to me! He was noodling a new idea.  I was totally happy to help.  Even after he said it’s a video series!…

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A few weeks ago, a friend reached out to me! He was noodling a new idea.  I was totally happy to help.  Even after he said it’s a video series! He graciously asked me to be the first in his videos series on the evolution of social media. This first episode is to cover a wide variety of topics with subsequent episodes talking with experts in particular fields.

My friend, Peter Davison with Digital Story Co and his new series The Evolution of Social. We spent a few minutes reminiscing, remember when we started and when we met and it’s been almost 10 years that I’ve been working around twitter, facebook, and marketing! From there our conversation talks about social media, the platforms, and where social is heading.  While we could talk for hours on this topic, we limited ourselves to a little under an hour.

For the rest of the year, Peter will be talking with several industry experts on a variety of topics. Some include Sarah Nagel from Sprout Social talking brand advocacy ( this will open Zoom for you)  and Erika Heald about content and content strategy!

There is even a contest… introduce a guest and topic and if Peter has your guest and topic you will get a prize!!

If you want to see my conversation on the Evolution of Social… go here! You can get the links and follow the conversation on Twitter using #EvofSocial I hope you enjoy and will join in for the rest of the series! I’ve included a ton of links so you can follow and connect with all involved!!

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Cancer Free Doesn’t Mean Free. I’ll Tutu Tomorrow Sun, 01 Oct 2017 19:53:50 +0000

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It’s the first of October and it’s 3 in the afternoon and I’m sitting here wondering how it got to be already. For the last 5 years I’ve eagerly, ok…

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It’s the first of October and it’s 3 in the afternoon and I’m sitting here wondering how it got to be already. For the last 5 years I’ve eagerly, ok not eagerly, but I’ve been into Pinktober and sharing my story and those stories of friends. It’s breast cancer awareness month.

I’m sitting here and I just can’t. I can’t find the motivation to go dig out my tutus. To share more. To help people understand what a survivor looks like or share my story.  Celebrate with other survivors or thrivivors.

I have nothing planned, I haven’t signed up for the Strides Against Breast Cancer, my favorite walk of the entire year. My tutus are still in the closet, waiting for me. I’venot signed up to help the Carey Foundation.

The struggle this year. It’s not just physical. It’s so much.

I’ve been cancer free for 2 years now. Which totally rocks. It does. I’m alive. The guilt is hard. Not only survivor guilt, it’s also, the guilt for complaining. Telling the doctor “hey you saved my life and that’s cool. Now please fix all the shit you broke” seems so rude.

My Doctor, she’s cool and seems to completely get it. So she understands the angst and stress. She listens to my tears and confusion. Gently, trying to help with the 75 extra pounds from all the meds, the mood swings, the nerve damage and the lymphedema. She doesn’t want me to be guilty, she wants to help me transition into my new normal, learn who I am now.

For the most part, I laugh and snark about the new ladies (My plastic surgeon is amazing and gave me pretty new boobs) and the kray meds that help keep the cancer away, with the nerve damage. The swollen everything and joints that act like they are 120 years old instead of 43 years young.

Today. Ok, last month, it’s been rough. I get out of bed each day and consider that a success. So, I’m just not ready to put on my sparkly tutu. I’m thankful to be alive, today is just one of those days that doesn’t sparkle.

Whether you love or hate Pinktober. Cancer sucks. We’ve all been touched or know someone with cancer. The battle doesn’t end when the cancer does. Pink isn’t going to help that. Maybe, tho, it will help someone smile. Help someone get a mammogram. Help someone get out of bed.

Want to help? I’ve put in links for Strides Against Breast Cancer and The Carey Foundation. Those are the 2 charities I help, advocate for and love beyond belief.

Look for me and my tutus soon!


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When Fashion and Art Collide Mon, 21 Aug 2017 19:27:28 +0000

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When I relocated to Tampa, I was thrilled to be moving to such an art invested city! Well, the sunshine and beaches were a bonus, too! Back to the art….…

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When I relocated to Tampa, I was thrilled to be moving to such an art invested city! Well, the sunshine and beaches were a bonus, too! Back to the art…. Tampa is full of museums and artists. Sculptures and murals can be found on almost every corner. This makes for a not only a bright and colorful world, it also, means our museums have amazing art, people are passionate about it and want to bring it to our town for everyone. Local and International artists of every medium can be found.

Such brilliance was shared with me, last week! A wonderful friend, sweetly asked if I wanted to go on a private tour of the Tampa Museum of Art’s newest installation. Of course, I said, yes! Private, Art and friend. 3 of my favorite things.

I’ve visited the Tampa Bay Museum of Art many times and love how they curate their collections! I was excited and knew whatever I was about to see was going to be awesome! Little did I know it would be mindblowing!


With a small group of specially invited people, we were lead upstairs and to a smallish gallery in the back! I could see shimmers and sparkles as we approached. I was thrilled to walk into a magical space of fashion. A collection curated and detailed right down to the last eyelash of iconic outfits from the magnificent Susanne Bartsch.

Carefully curated from Susanne’s own 30-year career and designer ensembles. Tampa Museum of Art presents this year’s CITY “the queen of New York City nightlife.”

Susanne has been an icon in the fashion industry, inspiring art and fashion internationally. She has been the muse to fashion designer. Her kickerstarter-funded documentary, Susanne Bartsch: On Top debuted at the Toronto Film Festival and won the John Schlesinger Award.

From Tampa Bay Museum of Art website CITY is “An emulsion of fashion and culture, CITY is the signature fashion event at the Tampa Museum of Art that raises funds annually to bring art and arts education programs for visitors of all ages to our community.

In 2017, CITY will be a “fashion event” in performance art style, a departure from a typical runway show, with Susanne Bartsch at the epicenter. Interactive vignettes – each created and styled by a different designer – will feature new looks inspired by Bartsch’s eccentric, avant-garde style and her impact on club kid culture, past and present.”

Here is the best part…. you can get tickets for the fashion event and be part of the action in the museum! Just go here. Purchase your ticket and on September 9th, you can marvel in the fashion and culture.

Of course, if you can’t make it to CITY, you can see the exhibit of 40 designer looks through November 12th. I had a fabulous time, learning about the exhibit from the Curator that was able to secure and put together the collection. You must go!

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Let’s Talk Public Relations, Analytics and Where to Learn More Mon, 16 Jan 2017 12:05:34 +0000

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For the last several years, the word on the twitters is that PR is no longer a necessary evil as social media and digital marketing have taken it’s place and…

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For the last several years, the word on the twitters is that PR is no longer a necessary evil as social media and digital marketing have taken it’s place and from now on, we marketers that spend our time on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can take over the duties of public relations.  Whoa… what? I am a marketer and public relations is totally necessary and so is the data behind it, and while I dabble in PR it’s by no means my specialty or even a strength in my sparkly bag, so when I was asked to attend the Ragan PR Measurement Conference**, I jumped at the idea. Analytics and public relations, be still my geeky marketing heart!!


While I would love to attend the conference in person, it’s not meant to be… so I’ll be attending virtually! I encourage you to join me since the conference is rapidly approaching.  Unless you are in Miami or can be in Miami February 1-2nd!! I love a good virtual conference, no need to wear pants and your coffee is always fresh!!


Why would I, a hardcore social media marketer, want to attend a PR conference?  Well, for several reasons.  One, Ragan has brought in several amazing and wicked, smart, speakers from businesses that are doing krazy good PR for their companies. For instance, Gregory Galant is the co-founder and CEO of Muck Rack.  Talk about the one place that has really married PR and Marketing!! Paul Berry is the director of corporate communications, advertising and brand at Spirit Airlines. We all know the airline industry is easily the toughest space to do PR and has a very vocal audience! Brandi Boatner, is the digital experience manager for IBM’s Global Technology Services in New York City. Not only are these people speaking, but they are also sharing the data from their companies. Which brings me to my second reason for attending this conference, data.  Bring me your tricks and tools!!  Galant will be speaking on using data to pitch and build relationships.  Berry will be talking authentic PR measurement, no impressions needed. Boatner is talking about understanding your customers through data and measurement can increase retention and turn customers into advocates ( I’m unquestionably excited for this session, and it’s the keynote)

Brandi Boatner Digital Experience Manager IBM
Gregory Galant Muck Rack




Finally, I love attending conferences, they are the best place to meet people and really get focused.  Even though I will be at home, I can still meet the peoples.  I will be following and interacting with the hashtag, #RaganMeasure.  This is not only a benefit for me but for my community as well as I share out tasty tidbits and links!


Want to learn more about the conference, find out how you can attend either in person or virtual or want to learn more about the speakers?  

Click here on this spiffy link!!

Make sure you check out the hashtag and join me on Twitter for some fun during the conference!! Now, who knows how to take virtual selfie??


** In exchange for the virtual conference ticket I was asked to write two blog posts, thoughts, opinions, and tweeting are all my own thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

*** The wonderful people at Ragan have given all my readers a special $100 discount on the conference Click Here

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Ask Me My Story, I Will Show You My Bewbs and Tell You No Lies #BewbLuv Returns with Pinktober Tue, 20 Sep 2016 01:15:24 +0000

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It’s that time of year… almost Fall… have you started wondering how early the stores can put out the Christmas decorations (August), the great pumpkin spice debate is in full…

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It’s that time of year… almost Fall… have you started wondering how early the stores can put out the Christmas decorations (August), the great pumpkin spice debate is in full swing and who does serve the best wings for football games? All great questions with lots of different answers… except the pumpkin spice debate, there is nothing, absolutely nothing that tastes good made with pumpkin spice, except these little pumpkin cranberry muffins from Colectivo Coffee in Milwaukee and I am still searching for the perfect football wings. As we are into the third week of September, I am already hearing the rumblings and grumblings of the rapidly approaching October or as it’s so fondly been called the last several years, Pinktober!

Depending on who you ask, who’s social media account you see, you may get some vehement support, maybe a sneer and the term ‘pinkwashing’ tossed out, some will ignore it or just give no reaction and keep scrolling, tossing out the word ‘slactivism’ as they scroll on by, stroll on by all the storefronts buying the cute little bracelets, tees, donating the $5.00 for a good cause.  For those that have been touched by breast cancer, you will probably get a pretty strong reaction…. one way or the other, supporting or not supporting.  I’ve written before on the topic. If I was a weaker person, I would just let it wash over me again this year and give everyone a pass and not comment.  I am not weak.  I’m going to pull out my old soap box and give it a dusting off and climb on up.  You don’t get a pass.

You don’t get a pass to scroll/ignore/not read any of my posts this Pinktober.         

In the middle of chemo
In the middle of chemo

I didn’t get a pass when breast cancer picked my bewbs

I don’t get a pass every day when I get out of bed and see the scars in my mirror

I don’t get a pass twice a day when I have to take the medication that makes me sick, gives me all the hot flashes and somewhat krazy but keeps me cancer free

I don’t get a pass when I struggle with chemo brain and the lasting effects of the chemo 4 years later.

I don’t get a pass when I see another friend has been diagnosed or has lost the battle

I don’t get a pass every 6 months when I go back to the oncologist for cancer testing then wait anxiously for the results

I DO get to use my voice to share my story, to support the people that helped me, that help the men and women fighting cancer

So for 31 fucking days I am revoking your pass

So, this Pinktober, I will be bringing back the #BewbLuv!! I am STRONG and it’s my turn to give back, to use my voice and my story to help, to remember and to support.  Want to hear more about my story, just ask… see my scars, just ask.

Keep in mind a few things… I support these charities year round, clearly with October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month they are all doing special campaigns this month. I have researched these charities.  I know what they do with their money, how they help cancer patients and they are creative and actually help people.  I have personal and very tight connections to The Tutu Project and they are forever my favorite and foremost first charity ALWAYS.

I am incredibly biased and this is a highly personal and emotional topic.  Be warned, get nasty or rude and I will delete and block you in a hot New York minute, I don’t have time for that.  I will welcome conversation and thoughts and questions.

I am getting out my tutu’s now and putting away my soap box! That’s right… for the fourth year in a row, I am donning my Tutu and supporting my friends, Linda & Bob Carey at the Tutu Project and this year, I am asking you to help! It’ll be win/win. I am creating a fundraising page and if you help me, I get to go to NY and well, I really want to go to NY, pretty please!! So, I will asking, pleading and cajoling for you to donate… don’t have a tutu? That’s cool, I have several!! Get ready, we only have 10 days until the 1st and the fundraising begins!!

Got Tutu?
Got Tutu?


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What is Facebook Trying to tell us now? Is it a Game Changer Tue, 07 Jun 2016 15:42:00 +0000

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In my day to day… I try to post to Facebook a few times…. fun articles, travel, coffee and then the more serious! I flip back and forth between desktop…

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In my day to day… I try to post to Facebook a few times…. fun articles, travel, coffee and then the more serious! I flip back and forth between desktop and mobile, some things are easier via desktop! I like Facebook, it keeps me amused and it’s a great resource for me, to see what everyone is doing, find fun events and network in some amazing groups!! Every so often, I will log on and *poof* Something is different…

This morning, I was posted a lovely article from Top Rank on Pinterest (You should go read it) and as I dropped the link in, Facebook asked me if I wanted to just create a post for News Feed


Facebook Post

See that little box on the bottom? There is where you can tell FB to hide this post and it will only show up in News Feed and Search! WHHHHHHAAAAAT?

So, I checked with some people, checked the interwebz and looked on FB for an explanation… nothing! I found this lovely post in Tech Crunch from one of my favorite tech writers, Sarah about tagging but nothing on this! I’m totally speculating on this:

1. Making this choice, you can post more without having affect your timeline and FB penalize you for spamming. We know FB has really started to penalize brands for the quality of their content, could this be another way?

2. Facebook has a grand scheme  plan to monetize even more and this step will make it easier for that by making boosted posts and events more visible in your timeline and other posts just in search/newsfeed

3. Facebook is just trying to make everyone crazy!

Tell me, what do you think and why do you think it? Is this going to help your Facebook strategy or hinder it?

                              Share your thoughts with me!


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Are You Listening to Hear or To Build? Thu, 21 Apr 2016 07:25:43 +0000

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      This is a series I am doing with my good friend and wine fiend, Matt! He’s done a first part over here… Go Read it, it’s really…

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This is a series I am doing with my good friend and wine fiend, Matt! He’s done a first part over here… Go Read it, it’s really good and we will be doing a third post together from our different perspectives on marketing and more specifically social media! While Matt and I agree on a good many things… we often take a different path to achieve the same thing!!

We hope you enjoy the series, let us know… we are thinking of doing these more often!


‘Listening is such s simple act. It requires us to be present, and that takes practice’

Margret J Wheatly


Listening isn’t passive, it’s alive and breathing! Not for the the faint of heart, companies must actively listen. Listen for their customers and potential customers.  This act of listening being done online is not as easy as just signing up for a platform, it’s not being actively posting all your specials and blog posts to ALL the social channels! Let’s not just shout about ourselves all over the interwebz. Let’s talk sales, strategy and community!

Your customer wants to know you care, they want to know you appreciate them and most importantly they want to know you are listening! Are you listening now?

Are you listening?

Who should be listening in your company! Everyone.  No, it’s not that simple… while everyone can be listening (employees are your best cheerleaders and advocates) not everyone needs to respond! This is where a Community Manager(CMGR) steps in! Your #CMGR will respond, talk and build your online community that is aligned with your offline community.  With a strategy in hand, content calendar full fabulous content (not just kitten videos) your community manager will set the tone and voice of your brand online! This is done by multiple ways, your CMGR will wear many hats in their role with your company and they will be able tell when to zig when the plan says zag and with some tools and creativity they are going to keep your online community agile and alive. They are going to be cheerleader, advocate, moderator, Mama Bear and they are going to create your own online store!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all cat videos and hashtags! There needs to be goals, strategy and a plan.  There is are also, several tools to make this so much easier! There are millions and millions of tweets, facebook posts, instagram pictures, images pinned, etc… you get the idea. It’s a daunting task for a brand to listen.  How do they listen and for what?

First, let’s talk tools… I have my favourites but I strongly suggest you head over to Social Media Examiner and Razor Social and take a look at what they recommend.  And, while you are there definitely subscribe and follow Mike Stelzner and Ian Cleary, they are wickedly brilliant!  So, back to my favourite tools and in no particular order:

  • Hootsuite– Set up columns with search words or hashtags or import your twitter lists (don’t forget misspellings)
  • Mention–  they monitor whatever you tell them all over the web! It’s pretty awesome
  • KeyHole– Monitor keywords and hashtags, you can do a quick search or get an indepth analysis with one of their plans
  • Commun.It -Gives you insights into your community for Twitter and Facebook
  • Iconosquare– Let’s you search instagram and community management
  • Google Alerts- Google knows and sees all (at least that’s what they say)

These all have free versions and you can pay for a more indepth analysis. Data is very important and should be a huge part of your strategy and plan.  Of course, it’s important to look at the analytics provided by the platforms themselves.

Now, we have the tools and the strategy and plan…. how do you listen and what do you do with what you hear?

You listen for people talking about your brand, respond.  Yup. That’s it! See someone posting to instagram about you? Like the picture, thank them and even share. See someone using one of the hashtags your brand uses a lot, jump into the conversation.  I will caution you, do your homework… look at the profiles before you comment, follow or like.  Have your brand persona thoroughly seated in your head, this sets the tone and conversation with your community. Take the time to talk to the Community, grow and develop relationships with them.  This isn’t going to be easy or even short term, using social media platforms should be ingrained into your every day, it’s not a once in awhile thing or a once off.. It’s a very long term process that takes thought and planning.


Come back on Monday and see the third in this series, make sure you go check out Matt at Hoot N Annie and if you have any suggestions for Matt and I to dissect, we will take them! We love to take our conversations and turn them into knowledge and hopeful help some members of our communities!!


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Awash in Pink, EVERY DAY Thu, 01 Oct 2015 19:47:33 +0000

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Today my facebook wall was awash with sarcasm, warnings to be heeded and general disgust at the start of October! And, no it wasn’t an outcry at Pumpkin Oreos or…

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Today my facebook wall was awash with sarcasm, warnings to be heeded and general disgust at the start of October! And, no it wasn’t an outcry at Pumpkin Oreos or even Pumpkin M&M’s… no, it was the fact that today was the start of breast cancer awareness month.

Even before I survived my bout with breast cancer, I love loved breast cancer awareness month.  Not just for all things pink but because it gave me a chance to support companies that donated money to awareness, support, education, free mammograms, research and prevention.  YES, all of that is helped every single day. EVERY DAY.

So, let’s see if I can do this without ranting…. I am fully aware that many of you feel this month is awash in pink, that marketers and companies alike are taking advantage of something that is killing women, that devastates families EVERY DAY.  I am quite certain there are, coz there are icky people in this world.

Instead, I am going to point out… as a survivor, I don’t need reminders about any of this.  I see it in the mirror EVERY DAY.  I have the scars, neuropathy, the nightmares and I will never ever forget.  I know how hard it is to get out of bed knowing you are going to spend hours getting horrible drugs pumped into your body.  I know how hard it is to see the look of devastation on your family and friends faces when they look at the hell chemo has wrecked on you, I know how hard it is to watch your hair fall out in clumps and then when it does grow back, it’s awful.  I know how hard it is to walk into get a mammogram every 6 months to see if the cancer is back and I know how hard it is to carry around fear and anger with you EVERY DAY.

In the middle of chemo
In the middle of chemo


I applaud the companies that have launched campaigns today.  I cheer for them EVERY DAY as they support the 1 in 8 women that get diagnosed with breast cancer EVERY DAY.  I spend my hard earned money with them this month knowing that they are going to help someone facing the dreaded diagnosis, or educate a young women in early detection, or funding a free mammogram to a women that can’t afford one or helping out with bills to a family who is in the middle of their cancer treatment.

No, I don’t need a reminder, a pretty pen or lovely new shirt to remind me that I am a survivor, I doubt my friends need a reminder either.  I know that when I wear my tank top that says Go, Fight, Win… people don’t know I am a survivor.  I do know, cancer makes people uncomfortable, it terrifies them.  I know people don’t know how to have awkward conversations, even more will just ignore getting a mammogram or walk away from a friend that has cancer from fear or being uncomfortable.  I know that this month, celebrates survivors. This month tells these brave men and women’s stories EVERY DAY. That is puts breast cancer front and center in the public! It’s hard to ignore talking about your favorite quarterback wearing pink cleats or the man smiling in the middle of Times Square in a bright pink tutu.  11064827_10153029505314086_3999694443525102596_n

I’ve talked about all my favorite non-profits before…. I’ve linked them below.  Donate this month or never. Share about them.  More importantly, rather than rolling your eyes in disgust about #Pinktober and #PinkWashing… learn about which companies are doing good, where your money can help the most.

The Tutu Project / The Carey Foundation

Bright Pink

Ralph Lauren Breast Cancer Center

American Cancer Society

The Pink Fund

EVERY DAY, I am thankful for the care, support and experience, I recieved.  I don’t need this month to remind me about breast cancer or remember the people that helped me.  I do think we need to talk about it.  We need more! More advocates, education, early detection and resources to help those with the disease.  There will always be someone that needs to get a mammogram, that needs help getting to chemo, that needs a shoulder to cry on or even just needs buy something with a pink ribbon. 

We need to share the stories, celebrate the wins, celebrate the lives lost, honor those that are working tirelessly to help and recognize that EVERY DAY, the story you share, the pink ribbon on your car, the pink tutu may save someone.  

My bewbies, tried to kill me.  I carry the scars. #BewbLuv will be EVERY DAY.       IMG_20130216_104709



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YES… You Can Rely on Me Sat, 19 Jul 2014 04:37:26 +0000

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 I am doing something today, that I don’t normally do…. I am writing this post!! Ok, yea, it’s been awhile… seriously! However, this post is different, in that it’s sponsored.…

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 I am doing something today, that I don’t normally do…. I am writing this post!! Ok, yea, it’s been awhile… seriously! However, this post is different, in that it’s sponsored. Yes, you read that right and while it’s something I rarely do, I do occasionally do!! As you know, this doesn’t change a thing… the thoughts, opinions and words are all my own. Consider yourselves disclosed!!


Now, that we have that out of the way, let me share with you some amazingness!! I was asked to share some thoughts on Jason Mraz and his new album YES! I Style: "70's look"have a crazy and wild crush on this lovely man. Well, not him ( I’m not opposed to krushing on him, just his music got me first) just really, his MUSIC!!

I love love music, all different types, my playlists and all my songs are an eclectic, frenzic mess. Actually, since it’s me, I call my music tastes Organized Chaos!! And, Mr. Mraz plays in several of my playlists and after listening to his ENTIRE album, I can see that I am going to making some new additions to several of my lists.

Available on Itunes and you will see below, I’ve made it super easy for you to connect, share and see what else Mr. Mraz is doing!! He shares tons of other info, from his tours, his appearances and just his life.  It’s rather fascinating!!  It is rather amazing to see him share his passion and he is very passionate and humble and charming and… I could go on for days, please click a linky below and see for yourself, you will not be disappointed!! (official label channel) (official personal/documentary channel)

Now, his new album, YES.. it’s pretty fantastic, it’s wild and lovely and speaks to me!! I have been listening to the album pretty much all day and had to share my favourite song!!

“You Can Rely on Me”  This song really hit me, touched me!! Jason is very poignant and passionate ( he is with all his songs) I love the entire, album, really.. this one just spoke a little louder to me!! Especially, watching not a carefully crafted video telling a story, instead, we get to see Jason, singing, just singing. Not just singing, but weaving his story and music together, relaxed and smiling. You feel the power and love shining through!

Take a listen, buy the album and check out #SpreadYes on the interwebz!! And, if you get a chance to see this amazing man… do it!!

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