Twitter Chat Addict: A Confessional



If we are friends on Twitter,  it’s probable you may have noticed I’m a little chatty!!  Also,  I participate in quite a few Twitter Chats( I maybe a #ChatAddict).  I am often asked how many, how do you do it and why?? So, I figured it was time to share and by share, I mean confess!   Welcome to my True Confessions…

A twitter chat is any organized discussion held on Twitter at a specific time, day and topic.  Currently, according to the massive, constantly upgrading Google doc, there are 543 various chats.  These can be held weekly, bi-monthly or even monthly.  This monstrous list doesn’t include any Twitter Parties that pop up randomly from various brands, book authors or bloggers.  A chat community is formed on a broad topic,  genre or even whim and each chat  is narrowed down to a smaller topic for each chat.


Confession 1: I have my own personal list of chats, chats I’ve found fit with my goals, relevant to my job or just interest me.  That means, during any given week, I participate in, lurk or just check on 42 44 chats.  Including the two chats  I co-host.  Now, before you start shaking your head in disbelief or even roll your eyes, let me remind you… twitter is personal, what and how you use it, is determined by YOU!!


Confession 2: Interaction, knowledge and growing, that is what I glean from each and every single chat.  Each chat gives me about 45 minutes of clear, focused and intense discussion on a particular subject.  For the most part, each chat has a framing post, questions are sent out ahead of time and the format of the chat is clear.  This allows me to determine ahead of time, if I’m going to fully participate in the chat, lurk or just check out the transcripts.  Yes, it’s true, I don’t always participate in all 44 chats.  I am able to determine if the topic is relevant to me, my goals ahead of time and then decide.   This isn’t anything against the host, the chat or the participants, it’s a personal choice.  Even if I don’t think the topic is particularly relevant, I tend to lurk anyways, why? There is unbridled brilliance in every chat!! It’s true, people come out of the woodwork to participate in specific chats and bring with them their ideas, thoughts and arguments.


Confession 3:  It’s all about the people!! People I don’t normally interact with, people from different industries, all offering up a different perspective on a certain idea or theory.  I think that is often forgotten in chats, when in a chat, we are discussing a topic that is perceived differently by each individual, that every person is viewing the topic and subsequent questions from their own reality, their own situation.  This may lead to an answer that is seemingly off-topic or even an answer that makes you ponder what in the world is going on.  This is partly what makes the chats so fascinating, it’s like sitting in a big room with 30 random people and letting them go! The other part I love is the challenge of making my point, clearly, in 140 characters (120 for retweet purposes) then defending my point of view.   I do so enjoy a good debate!

That being said, I have listed all my chats on a List.ly list, so not only can you see but you can vote or maybe add your own.  I do like finding new chats and meeting new people.  What are your Favourite chats?

**Please add to the List and or comments!!


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Brandie McCallum

#ChatAddict A personal list of Twitter Chat Groups

My personal focused list of my favourite twitter chats!!

All times are in PST

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  1. 1



    Hosted by @MeghanMBiro A weekly chat about culture & recruitment in the social workplace

  2. @BizForum

    Hosted by @SamFiorella A weekly debate where business professionals discuss the pros and cons of trending busines-related topics each week.

  3. #UsGuysChat

    Hosted by @smsjoe & @ken_rosen Weekly chat exploring social media, brand & strategy with the wit and warmth

  4. #SWchat

    Hosted by @DavidChris @Confetti @lttlewys A weekly tweet chat focusing on The Social Workplace
    (i.e. the use of social tools by employees to improve communications, collaboration and overall productivity inside the company). This chat is not focusing the technology per se but on the change in mindset of Being Social in the Workplace through the use of social technologies, including crowd-sourcing and Open Collaboration techniques for innovation and to build the Next Generation workplace.

  5. 5



    Hosted by @Vivisimoinc & @Natashad_g Weekly discussion on Customer Experience Optimization for all customer experience professionals and enthusiasts.

  6. #MediaChat

    Hosted by @Kilby76 Weekly chat about all media - social media, online media, video, print, etc. Most weeks we have guests to teach us about certain products or apps.

  7. #BrandChat

    Hosted by @BrandChat Weekly chat between experts, strategists, and those interested in learning more about personal and business brand management.

  8. #BlogChat

    Hosted by @MackCollier Weekly chat about everything blogging

  9. #kaizenbiz

    Hosted by @3keyscoach Using concept of kaizen to examine aspects of business, enhance our skills, deepen our self-understanding & build community.

  10. #PinChat

    Hosted by @tribe2point0 A weekly chat about everything Pinterest!!

  11. 11



    Hosted by @TheSocialCMO Weekly chat features a SPECIAL guest on our tweetchat. We will host a variety guests including leading executives from all types of Marketing and Social Media firms.

  12. #InfluenceChat

    Hosted by @Berkson0 & @FredMcclimans Bi-Monthly chat Discussion on the role of Influence in the broader business and online social marketing sector. Analysts, Marketing, B2B, B2C, C-suite Influence, Customer Influence (including influence through customer service) - we've got it covered.

  13. #LeadershipChat

    Hosted by @LisaPetrilli & @Swoodruff A lively discussion every Tuesday night for Leaders and those aspiring to become leaders

  14. #CMGRchat

    Hosted by @Jpedde & @KLux Weekly chat A place to discuss tips, advice, common themes and projects. Everything having to do with social media in marketing, public relations, customer service, etc. All industries.

  15. #ToolsChat

    Hosted by @Twylah, @LeoWid @MQTodd Weekly chat about the best tools and tips to use Twitter. It is always great fun with guests from great Twitter Apps.

  16. #DadChat

    Hosted by @BruceSallen Weekly chat for anyone who is a parent or was a child. We are open to dads AND moms and we deal with much more than just parenting - little things like life, too.

  17. #IdeaChat

    Hosted by @Blogbrevity 2nd of the month-Focused on ideas, the process of ideation and making ideas happen. A salon of some of the most innovative thinkers on Twitter. Every month, a particular book relevant to topic and its author are invited to share ideas. Nov. 13 chat talking about the power of networks and how ideas spread - "Superconnect" by Richard Koch and Greg Lockwood.

  18. AtomicChat

    Hosted by @Atomic_Reach Weekly chat

  19. 19



    Weekly Tuesday 3PM PST ~ Hosted by @NoirBlancDesign Barbara Segal ~ Focus Architects & Interior Design professionals BUT not only ~ anyone interested in design can have fun and lean something.

  20. #profschat

    Hosted by @Mprofsevents

  21. #BeOnFire

    Hosted by @redheadwriting @pistachio -Two fiery entrepreneurs host a weekly chat... to ignite more fires. Mix of guests and round-robin format. We're here to start many fires. Passion, motivation, kicking ass, crushing it... that's what we're here for.

  22. #B2BChat

    Hosted by @B2b_chat, Weekly conversation for B2B marketers

  23. #HBRChat

    Hosted by @HBRexchange Presented by Harvard Business Review, HBRChat is a discussion around the most pressing issues facing business leaders today. Each week we’ll pick a new topic to explore, discuss how this issue is affecting the business world, and brainstorm ideas for overcoming challenges.

  24. #InnoChat

    Hosted by @ReneeHopkins, @GwenIshmael, @DrewCM on Innovation

  25. #CustServ

    Hosted by @JeffreyTKingman & @MarshaCollier Weekly chat focused on Customer Service



13 observations on “Twitter Chat Addict: A Confessional
  1. martymankins

    Wow… 44 chats a week. I believe it since I see you a lot on Twitter with people like Nick Kellet and others (the #usguys hashtag appears often enough to know you are within a few tweets of the others)

    I might have to join in here soon, once I get some focus and direction on a new chapter in my life.

    1. lttlewys

      Lol!! I’m not actually in all those chats, I mean, I am…sorta but I really had to scale down the BIG list of almost 600. Otherwise, it was just to much!! And yes, let’s bring you into the chat world!!

  2. David Christopher (@davidchris)

    Great post and list Brandie.
    I love Twitter Chats, but you are right it is down to the subject matter that makes it engaging and interesting. Oh, and for me, the timing – wish there were more UK hosted Twitter Chats ;-(

    Thanks for all your support as co-host on #SWChat

    1. lttlewys

      Ohhh, I would like to see more internationally hosted chats as well, several on my list are Canadian…I really like the ability to have a discussion that involves so much diversity!! Also, don’t tell but I do really adore #swchat and not just coz I co-host!!

  3. Tim Ruswick

    That is a ton of chats!! There is no place where i can find the time of each is there?!?!?

    Im going to be jumping in a few of them…Normally I just stumble into them when I see people on my timeline chatting, but they are so much fun! Being a #ChatAddict isn’t a bad thing :)

  4. Mimi

    I’ve really cut back on my chats and twitter parties. I like winning things, too. I like: #smmanners, #slumberparty, #rbchat, #mediachat #dadchat I know there are more I’m forgetting, but the most I’ve done at one time is 3. LOL

  5. Laura Good

    Brandie! Guess what I discovered today?! #BCSM! It’s a moderated chat on Monday’s at 9 pm eastern. It’s a chat for breast cancer survivors with a social media twist. My twitter pal @epatientdave told me about it and then I “met” @jodyms @stales and @drattai who started the chat July 4, 2011 and share in moderating. I was going to tweet you about it but you are getting so many tweets today I figured I better put it some place that you might notice it in a day or so and then remembered you recently did a blog post on chats.

    1. lttlewys

      Thank you, Laura!! I have added that chat to my list and will check it out, so glad that you found it for me!!

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