A Love Affair, It’s All in the Secret Sauce

Soo, yesterday was an Anniversary of sorts for me.  More specifically my #Bomberversary!! What you don’t celebrate the day you found an amazing place to grab a burger? This is only partially about the amazing burgers & fries and OMG, CHEESE CURDS!!!

Yes, they are REALLY Good!!
Yes, they are REALLY Good!!

I found AJ Bombers a few years ago, when friends of mine posted total food porn from there and when I say I found them, I mean I discovered them on Twitter! At the time I was living in California and had no idea if I would ever visit Milwaukee! Yet, the Bombers Crew happily tweeted at me and our love affair began!! We had fun and silly convos as is the personality at Bombers!

Then last year, on my epic #WestmovesEast trip, I built into my trip a side trip, coz really what’s a few more hours in the car, to visit this amazing place?? TOTALLY WORTH IT!! OMG, they totally took care of us!!

My first visit!! Great Food and Excellent Company!!
My first visit!! Great Food and Excellent Company!!
The Crew felt we should try the ENTIRE menu!!
The Crew felt we should try the ENTIRE menu!!


While, the food is drool worthy and obviously, I have more than a passing addiction affection for Bombers, really that’s not the point here.  Nor is my newly discovered luv affair with Cheese Curds! Here it is in a p-nut shell, they CARE!

Yup, the guys that run the joint ( I have recently discovered they also, run 5 other places in & around Milwaukee) have discovered the Secret Sauce.  They hire the right people, they hire the people that get what they do, that they aren’t just slamming down a burger in front of someone, they are creating an experience!

Me, being me, was curious if they really GOT it… so I tried another of their restaurants and guess what, same experience!! Amazing food and mind-blowing service! I encountered them again at a Social Media Club Milwaukee event where they sponsored the food, they didn’t just drop off food and bail, a few minutes was spent greeting people and making sure things were all good with an obvious dash of humor. tots

Then when they came back to pick up everything, more time was taken to greet and meet people, check how the food was.  Actually, this is where I finally met The Man behind the Bomb, Joe Sorge!!

Would I be as in love with Bombers if they hadn’t taken the time to develop the relationship? Probably not! Would I keep going back if the people there hadn’t been so welcoming? Nope! The very first time I walked in, it was like walking into my favourite chocolate store, they welcomed me with open arms and freshly fried curds! And, every single time after that, I was greeted with the same enthusiasm.  My visits extended beyond great food.  It’s obvious the crew over there gets the “hire for culture, train for skills”

Every single visit is unique yet the quality of service is the same!  Even when they know you, they still make sure your experience is the best it can be! Doesn’t matter if it’s the first or the hundredth, there is that magical element of care and time! His team, takes the time to develop and build relationships with customers. That extends to online! Yes, I have had conversations with them on Twitter while sitting and eating!!



Very few companies hire for the fit, those that are, have spent the time defining the company strategy and brand voice  and lead with a strong internal culture that flows to the customer experience.  This type of open communication is cultivated and magical.  For companies to succeed in today’s world of Social Business it is imperative to embrace it or lose customers.  Finding a place on Social networks that is so deeply aligned with offline presence will be leading the way for more and more companies.  Customers are going to be looking for that relationship and care.  I applaud the team behind AJ Bombers for setting such a high bar of excellence and realizing that not only feeding their people well is top priority but cultivating their customer relationships is just as important!!

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