Celebrate!!! sorta…..

I started my blog for the kids first day of school. A celebration for me and well, the kids almost enjoyed it as much as I did. Only as I sat and wrote about my experiences with first day of school it sorta turned into a rant and I didn’t really want to bestow upon you my frustrations with my son’s school, new teacher and the system. At least, I don’t until I can do it cohesively and coherently. Needless to say, the first day of school wasn’t exceptional nor was it unexpected and we had a hitch, a glitch, idiotic teacher moment. I am working on resolving that thing with calm, patience and resolve. Yes, I am totally waiting a couple of days before I work on it cause calm, patience and resolve aren’t really my best attributes when I’m totally annoyed.

So there is excitement and kids are back in school. I took a me moment today and had the most wonderous orgasmic pedicure!! I am thinking that tomorrow I will be able to articulate my thoughts and feelings without ranting(no promises) and I will share all the haps with the Yungin’s school and his new teacher.

If I am needed I will be staring at my pretty sparkly purple “Passion” colored toes….

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