Building Community

Community exists whether you are active in it or just sit on the sidelines.  In this new age where Social communications has begun to dominate, the opportunity to exist in several communities both online and off has grown.  The ability to start, grow and engage a community is a skill that is coveted.

When a really great friend of mine, Tim McDonald, decided to create a conference and website that addressed what a community manager is and does, I was only to happy to join.  To take something that I am soo passionate about and build upon it is amazing.  Tim and I put our heads together, along with a few others and have created, My Community Manager and #cmgrUN.

A job title is just that, a title…. it is not necessarily indicative of what you actually do! With that thought in mind, we created a way to expand, grow and teach community building, from the community itself.  The #cmgrUN is an unconference series that we have started with our inaugural conference kicking of in Chicago a few weeks ago and the second being planned in Toronto this Summer.  The unConference is a way for us to gather anyone and everyone involved in Community and allow them to tell us what they want to learn, who they want to hear from.  A series of discussions, voted on and lead by peers in a variety of communities.



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