Second Semester

I just finished up my second semester of college. I returned back to school after a 15 year hiatus with 3 different careers, two kids, a marriage and divorce behind me. This time around as a student, I have adjusted my major to the person I know am versus the person I was and I definitely have a changed perspective. There are challenges that I didn’t have the first time around, balancing kids that demand food and rides consistently and expect me to provide them!!!

The part that hasn’t changed is that I still don’t know what I want to do with my degree when I finally finally get it (4 semesters left). I am still that person who loves learning, loves going to class and I am that girl in class that argues with the teacher. Yup, that’s right, I am that girl!! The one that sits in the back of class silently taking notes and trying to remain unobtrusive and then every so often I will challenge the teachers soapbox preaching. Throwing my thoughts out or disagreeing with theirs, test what is being taught versus my reality. I know, my reality is may be slightly skewed upon occasion, not that’s bad or anything and I don’t need anyone to think like me I just like to share.

It was very challenging to reacquire the skills of returning to school. You know the ones, the ability to memorize useless bits of mind numbing facts, listen to a pontificating moron highly educated instructor and take multiple choice tests with a number 2 pencil only. Luckily for me, I have 2 kids in school so I was pretty adapt at getting back my studying skills since I had been helping them and all the new school supplies definitely adds to the experience!! It is considerably more enjoyable to take that scantron test with a number 2 pencil that is pink and glittery!!! As for the instructors, well, everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and to share them but I am going to share mine as well. Hopefully I am able to articulate them and coherently string more then two sentences together without shoving anyone from their soapbox and beating them with it.

With the completion of the second semester, I have found that this semester was easier then the first for the most part (yes, we are ignoring THAT class). The kids are sorta getting better with letting me study, I did a little bit better and I still don’t know what I want to do with my degree. The best part is that I made it through this semester, I have two weeks before the next semester and I have restocked my glittery pencils!!!

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