Vanity Time-Out: A New List

Sooo…. I should be telling you all about the cross journey trip we took, #WestmovesEast coz it totally rocked and was incredible and maybe about all neato stuff I’ve been doing since I’ve landed in NY and y’all are probably wondering about my bewbies…

That will all come later, for now I need your help!! I have started a list about all the wonderful things about being bald.  You see, I knew it was coming and that it was going to happen. However, the knowing and the reality are kinda throwing off my groove thing!! Just to catch up, I shaved my head.  When my hair started coming out in mass gobs that would put any hair ball to shame, I shaved it. No, there are no current pictures, there will be…. as soon as I get the cajones to take some.

Getting Shaved!! That's what's left of my hair....

It’s tru… I am taking a huge hit to my self esteem, to the way I carry myself and finding that it’s bugging me a lot more then I thought was possible.  I mean, it’s freakin hair…it will grow back.  So, while I struggle with the evil VANITY fairy that has attacked, can ya help me out???  Please add to or vote for the whys and haves of being bald!!

In return, I promise to take some uber cool pics and change all my avi’s and get ya’ll up to speed on the haps!!!

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Good, Bad and the Bald

Why is good or bad to be bald???


Your eyes will be that much more striking.

Jun 27, 2012 by LisaDJenkins
Your eyes will be that much more striking.

Don't have to drop $350 for haircut and colour

Jun 27, 2012
Don't have to drop $350 for haircut and colour

Doesn\'t take 45min to wash & style

Jun 27, 2012
Doesn\'t take 45min to wash & style

I get to buy Groovy hats & wigs (YEA Shopping!!)

Jun 27, 2012
I get to buy Groovy hats & wigs (YEA Shopping!!)

It's entirely possible you won't have to shave your legs - which means they'll be sexy smooth 🙂

Jun 27, 2012 by LisaDJenkins
It's entirely possible you won't have to shave your legs - which means they'll be sexy smooth :)

Make A Wig for @SeanMcGinnis

Jun 27, 2012 by Sam Fiorella
Make A Wig for @SeanMcGinnis

Take the hair you've lost or cut and make a wig for Sean!! Or @josepf!! PLEASE


You get to look more like Ric Dragon and Josepf Haslam (sans the facial hair)

Jun 27, 2012 by sumner musolf
You get to look more like Ric Dragon and Josepf Haslam (sans the facial hair)
Jun 27, 2012 by LisaDJenkins - - 440
You can dress up as Evey Hammond every single day!

Directed by James McTeigue. With Hugo Weaving, Natalie Portman, Rupert Graves, Stephen Rea. A shadowy freedom fighter known only as "V" uses terrorist tactics to fight against his totalitarian society. Upon rescuing a girl from the secret police, he also finds his best chance at having an ally.


Your earrings will never be overlooked.

Jun 27, 2012 by LisaDJenkins
Your earrings will never be overlooked.
Jun 28, 2012 by Steve Birkett - - 343
Rocking the Natalie Portman Look

Own it, love it, be loved for it 🙂


Good because you will see first-hand that you are not your hair...

Jul 02, 2012 by Kelly Kim
Good because you will see first-hand that you are not your hair...

...not your beauty, not your age, not your gender, not your bank account, not your religion. You will begin to see who you truly are.


Low maintenance mornings

Jul 18, 2012 by Stephen McDonnell
Low maintenance mornings

You can be mysterious with those super chic scarves..

Jul 24, 2012 by Jennifer Powell
You can be mysterious with those super chic scarves..


36 Replies to “Vanity Time-Out: A New List”

    1. I still need to figure out the Shiny part!! I wanna be shiny & smooth like you, unless that means people will be rubbing my head all the time coz that would totally bug me and I would probably hurt someone.

    1. Now firmly grasping my phone and sweet talking to it while I wait for Hollywood to call, errr wait…. Can it be Broadway since I’m East coast now??

    1. Thank you, Lisa!! I’m certain that is what is happening even though I am a bit focused now and tend to ignore the mirror!!

  1. Brandie, I agree that initially it may be a bit of an adjustment. But I think it’s only going to add to your personality, not detract from it. I’m not trying to minimize your feelings about this, but just trust me on this one, ya?

  2. Hmmm…where to start?!?! I commend you for your bravery; hair is a very intimate part of our identity. It can define all kinds of things about you if you let it. The very same can be said for being brave enough to go bald!!! Not sure you knew this, but I look at somebody rockin’ a shaved head as WAY more courageous than I could ever be, and I think most people would agree with me. So, go for it, rock it with all you got!!! Think of it as an opportunity to flaunt your shapely knoggin! Now, for the other benefits…just think how much more those beautiful baby blues are going to stand out without all that pesky hair in the way! You’ve got incredible eyes and now you get to really show them off! Second, think of all the badass hats and other cool hair accessories that you can rock! Not that you need to cover anything up, but now you get to make some serious fashion statements! Go get ’em girl! You got this, too!!!

    1. Annie, thank you so much!! I know, it’s a vanity thing and really such a little thing!! Thank you sooo much and looking forward to sending out pics of all the new hats I’m goin to be buying!!

    1. Aww, thanks, Danny… this is actually just a ploy to grow up to be just like you and join the Jugnoo team!!! (Shhhh, don’t tell Sam)

  3. I’m not gonna lie – the “…don’t have to shave your legs!” one made me laugh OUT LOUD!! This is the funniest ‘poll’ I’ve ever participated in – your personality and amazing spirit will carry you higher than any head of hair ever could! xox, Lindsay (Team Jugnoo)

    1. Um, yea, I don’t have to shave my legs at all!! Totally the bestest part, especially since it’s Summer time!!!

    1. Ohhh… That is soo my favourite movie, rite up there with Gone With the Wind!! Umm, I look like Sigourney now, not the Alien, rite???

  4. Bald is beyond beautiful! My 6 yos saw a woman with a shaved head in downtown Chicago the other day and remarked about it. I told them she was even MORE beautiful when she wasn’t hiding behind her hair. The same is true for you, m’dear!

    Big hugs and much love to you.


  5. Brandie,

    Your courage, humor, open spirit, and zest for life will lift you through this. You are such a remarkable and inspiring person…your fire and passion for connecting is infectious! Cannot wait to see you rockin’ cool skull caps, maybe jet black locks…you are a warrior!

    xoxo Kelly

  6. Bradie “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder–You will always look beautiful to us”
    No one will rawk the hats and wigs like you will….

    {hugs} Jb

  7. Brandie, you are such an inspiration! And I totally agree – without all that hair clouding the view, your gorgeous eyes and smile will shine through. Hair is so 1980. I can’t wait to see you bald and beautiful! xoxo

  8. Spit my Diet Coke out when I saw option for Sean, Ric and Josepf!!! Just do not go buy facial hair….
    Another movie female… GI Jane!
    Don’t have to buy shampoo or cream rinse… Save few $s there.

  9. Being bald affords one exquisite taste in hats…just check out the chaps in option 9 for proof. And now that you’re in NYC, you’re perfectly placed to buy more rocking head gear than there are days in the week!

    You’ll own this look, just like you owned #bewbluv. Play with it, make it something you can enjoy, and post pics asap 🙂

  10. One of my dear friends lost all of her hair, as well…It made her eyes bigger and more beautiful. She topped her head with the most beautiful scarves I have ever seen.

    I’ve been following your posts for a while, and you are so incredibly wonderful! Keep those eyes forward!

    And I don’t know if it’s hot where you are, but think of all the hair you WONT have to try and get pulled up to stay cool! 🙂

  11. Has anyone mentioned Sinead back in the day???
    Here’s one I would like, I could put my anti-itch stuff on without the hair getting in the way. You could do rosemary oil–that might create the shiny thing and would be good for your scalp, would smell good and people might lick your head instead of rubbing it…

    1. Umm… while I really appreciate the shiny head advice, I’m pretty sure I don’t want people licking my head AT ALL!!! Ewwwwww!!!

  12. My wife, many years ago shaved her head on a whim, which of course is a very different scenario to you Brandie, but she found the experience to be an enriching one. She was living in Zimbabwe at the time, within a conservative community.

    The freedom she discovered, as well as the ability to see beauty in the person was remarkable. This freedom was not just from the sense of not having to worry about hair, or the ability to get up in the morning and be ready, it was also the freedom to be who she was, free of the image constraints we all put on ourselves.

    The most humbling part for her was she had a family friend who had lost all her hair due to cancer treatment. After seeing Sasha walking around, bald, without a care in the world, she took her aside and thanked her for lifting a fear she had borne for so long. Her friend started to wear her baldness publicly releasing her from that fear.

    I applaud you Brandie. Wear your baldness with pride.

    1. Thank you so much!! I agree, no matter the circumstance, it takes great courage to be who you are and to express that in what you wear and in your outward style!! I applaud your wife. As our differences are certainly applauded most of society still disdains those that act, dress and seem different! While it was not my choice to shave my head, I have learned to rock it, mostly!! I am grateful to you for sharing your wife’s story and we will hopefully meet next time you are in NY!!!

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